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News Stories

  • Coronavirus update - 23rd October
    We have spent a long time preparing for the return of everyone to school. We have a range of useful documents which include the Risk assessment, useful absence guide etc 23rd October - THE CURRENT COVID-19 SITUATION IN SCHOOL
  • Accrington Railway Station
    Last year, our Year 5 children worked on a project to create a banner for Accrington Railway Station with artist Alastair Nicholson.
  • Readathon
    It was a long time since we did it, but we’ve just received our certificate for the Readathon we did last autumn term.
  • TEAMS - Letters and key information
    The TEAMS section of our website has been updated with the latest overview letters for Autumn1
  • Mobile App
    We have a mobile / tablet app for your convenience
  • Samba Drumming!
    Years 3 and 4 had a fabulous time learning how to play different drums to kick start their theme 'Samba in the Sun!'.
  • WWII Evacuee Party
    As a part of their theme, 'We'll Meet Again,' Y5 and Y6 children planned a street party celebrating the end of the war in Europe. They made decorations for their party: flags for the Allied powers, gas masks and a bunting banner for each class....
  • Amazing Accrington - Lanterns
    As a part of the Amazing Accrington initiative, an artist came in to work with our AGT art children. Together they created some beautiful lanterns!