Attendance and Punctuality at Hyndburn Park

Good attendance is fundamental to children's learning and progress. Over the past couple of years, attendance has been steadily rising throughout school. In order to continue to impact positively upon the success of recent years, we have a number of strategies in place. These include: e attendance tickets, which are included in a termly prize draw; attendance stars; an attendance race and an attendance league.
For the school's attendance policy - please take a look at our 'policy page'.


Attendance Tickets

Following registration each morning and afternoon, if a child is present, they earn a green ‘dot’ on their class chart. If, following the afternoon registration period on Friday, a child has 10 green ‘dots,’ they will have earned ONE attendance ticket. If the whole class has achieved 100% then each child in that class will earn ONE BONUS attendance ticket. At the end of each term, a ticket will be drawn from each box (infants and juniors). The chosen child will then win an AMAZING prize!! Children who have 100% attendance for the year will be entered into a special prize draw, with the grand prize of a flat screen TV/DVD!


Attendance Race

Each week, the attendance percentage for each class is calculated. This is a weekly running total from the first day of term. The classes are then ranked, with the highest percentage first. 


Attendance League

An attendance league also tracks the weekly attendance of each class. This continues throughout the year. Every week, each class earns points, depending on how good their attendance is.