Hyndburn Park Primary School

Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Park Pledge

Our Vision
At Hyndburn Park, children are at the heart of all that we do. We hope to inspire, nurture and encourage everyone to aim high, work hard, and fulfil their potential. We promote a love of learning, and encourage everyone in school to become, and remain, independent, confident, thoughtful and considerate members of society, able to make well informed decisions. We aim to make learning fun, and to celebrate every success along the way. We hope to instil in each person, the desire to become the very best they can.

Each pupil is extremely proud of their
‘park pledge’, a record of their personal and wider achievements.
ofsted 2022

Our Values

  • We are all differently EQUAL.
  • We TRUST each other.
  • We behave with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.
  • We treat each other FAIRLY and with RESPECT.
  • We BELIEVE in ourselves and in each other.

At Hyndburn Park Primary School we want all members of the school community to Dream, Believe and Achieve.

The Park Pledge
In order to extend and enrich children’s vocabulary, as well as expanding their cultural capital, the following essential
experiences will be provided for every child to complete by the time they leave our school at the end of Year 6:

If your child has completed any of the above experiences outside of school, please take a photograph / ask them to write or draw about it, so they can include it in their Park Pledge booklet at school.
Thank you!

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