School Council - Head boy and Head girl

Head Boy: Shazil Ali  |  Head Girl: Afsa Irfan

Deputy Head Boy: Eissa Hussain |   Deputy Head Girl: Aliyana Hamid 


School Council - 2020 - 2021

The School Council members have been assigned their roles and areas to look after for this new term. Below are the children who are part of the school council


Subhaan Akram |  Laiba Simra Hussain  |  Sarah Sharaz  |  Adyan Shahzad  |  Mehak Khan

Amirah Ali  |  Faiza Zamir   |  Uzair Ahmed


Playground Buddies! - 2020 - 2021

Our Playground Buddies are all fully trained and qualified with first class training in delivering a range of fun activities and games on the yards. They have all really enjoyed learning what  it means to be a Playground Buddy and how they can take on a leadership role whilst on duty. Well done to each and every one of you and we have no doubt you are and will continue doing an amazing job!

Noor Arshad | Zebun-Nisa Hussain | Laiba Hussain | Nida Basheer | Maya Bibi

Maheen Hussain | Hibbah Fiaz | Amina Ali | Ayshah Nazir

Zunairah Shakeel | Aliyah Jamil | Sanya Shakil