Hyndburn Park Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the physical, mental and emotional welfare of every pupil. We implement a whole-school preventative approach to managing safeguarding concerns, ensuring that the wellbeing of pupils is at the forefront of all action taken. Our school is busy, thriving, popular and successful, with everyone involved working hard to help our children to be the best they can and to get the most out of their time in school.

Our curriculum is designed to promote high standards, develop a love of learning, and encourage children to become independent, thoughtful and considerate members of society. We work hard with families to ensure that every child’s needs are met; that each one is challenged and supported to achieve as much as they can do, and hopefully have fun in the process! We are proud of our school and the improvements we have made to it over the past years.

If you have any queries at all, or would like to arrange a visit, please contact
Mrs Yeomans in the school office
(01254 233171 / bursar@hyndburnpark.lancs.sch.uk).

With very best wishes, Mrs Hardwick, Acting Headteacher 

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HPPlogo  A letter from Director of Public Health - Nov 2021 

 Please take a moment to read "A letter from Director of Public Health - Nov 2021
The letter can also be found under our Latest News and on the Newsletter page

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If you need to contact the school, regarding the news flash, please email: bursar@hyndburnpark.lancs.sch.uk

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