Hyndburn Park Class of 2021!

Our Y6 children enjoyed a lovely day celebrating their time at Hyndburn Park. They enjoyed lots of different activities outside during the day, and had a fabulous Leavers’ Lunch – their first and last meal in the dining room this year!

Sports and Health Week!

The whole school has had a great week taking part in various sports activities including class sports days and designing and making healthy snacks with fruits and vegetables.

LKS2 Colour Day!

Years 3 and 4 have recently enjoyed a Colour Day as end to their theme Kaleidoscope. The took part in a variety of activities including exploring colour and light with torches and trying to transfer Smarties using chopsticks! A great time was had by all!

We are getting ready to write!

In Nursery we have been taking part in lots of different activities to strengthen our upper bodies, arms and hands ready for writing. We love to ride on the bikes and scooters and climb and slide on the climbing frame. We are great at balancing and we enjoy waving the big scarfs in the wind. Squeezing the pegs, using the spray bottles and practising with the scissors all helps to strengthen our hands and fingers.

Accrington Railway Station

Last year, our Year 5 children worked on a project to create a banner for Accrington Railway Station with artist  Alastair Nicholson.  Together, they looked at the local archives, and talked about the streets that they lived in, where they might like to visit by train, and quotes from their families about how they came to live in Accrington.  A couple of weeks ago, Miss Smith took three of the pupils to the grand opening of the banner at the station.  We’ve got a copy of it displayed in school too; it’s lovely!