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A Day at the Museum!
We visited two different museums as part of WW1 theme on Tuesday 19th November.  The Museum of Lancashire and the Lancashire Infantry museum. The children learnt about life in trenches and spent time in a life like trench, wearing helmets and ringing the warning bell for danger. they also looked at the role of a nurse.
They went on to learn how to become soldiers and signed up!!!
They had to follow drill commands and the Colour Sergeant shouted his orders very very loud but it was exciting and lots of fun.

Return to the Stone Age!

We had a super fun day with a special visitor who shared exciting real artefacts from the stone age including a real woolly mammoth's tooth! We learnt lots of new information and took part in great activities. We even threw spears and had a hunting competition. We made modern day, cave inspired artwork. We investigated about the Mesolithic, Paleoloithic and Neoltithic era's. We followed the journey of the first Stone Age man right through to the bronze age where they began to use metals and Homosapiens survived.

Museum of Science and Industry!

On Friday 12th October, classes 12, 13 and 14 visited the Museum of Science and Industry to learn more about their theme 'There's No Place Like Home.' They explored the cotton mill and found out more about life for the children working in Lancashire's cotton mills. They also had great fun exploring the science experiment area.

Home Learning

Please find this week's home learning below. As always, work can be e-mailed to the team e-mail address and feedback will be included with new work each Monday.


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