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Letter from Ms Tracey, Headteacher

16 July 2021 (by Hyndburn Park (Technician))

So, all that’s left is for me to say goodbye to you all.

It was September 2010 when I came to Hyndburn Park as the school’s new headteacher.  On my very first day, I explained to the staff that I would be ‘firm, fair and fun’.  I’m not too sure how many of them would agree with that, but I think that the children would most certainly agree!


Our school has seen many changes over my eleven years here, and almost all of them for the good.  Our school has been totally renovated, both inside and out, and is now a fabulous place to learn and to work.  All of our technology has been replaced at least once, and much of it twice.


Our staff team is FABULOUS!!!  They are an incredibly talented and hard working team.  This year, more than any other, they have proved their brilliance on a daily basis, covering for absent colleagues, working longer hours than ever before, remembering all of the COVID rules and following them every day.  Our children are in classes that are incredibly well taught day in, day out, not just when the headteacher is watching, and learning is fun!


Our children (your children!) are WONDERFUL!!!  They are lovely little human beings, who work and play hard, behave impeccably (most of the time!) and have wicked senses of humour!  They are an absolute credit to you and to our school.


Mrs Hardwick will be an excellent acting headteacher for the coming two terms, so I leave our school in very safe hands, and governors will be starting the process of recruiting a permanent headteacher very soon.


So, for the final time, I wish you all well.  Have a GREAT summer holiday, and stay safe and well. 


Ms Tracey