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School Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Checklist - 20th Sep

20 September 2021 (by Hyndburn Park (Technician))

An updated copy of the schools Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Checklist


Hyndburn Park Primary School - Risk Assessment (20th September 2021)


Handwashing - Best practice


LCC Document - This includes various areas of prevention and early intervention


LCC - Update to parents on Covid-19 (25th June 2021)

Self-isolate information

If your child is sent home from school to self-isolate, please remember that they are not allowed to go out at all. If they usually attend mosque, it includes not going to mosque. Similarly, if your child goes to mosque and their mosque bubble is sent home to self-isolate, they must not come to school.


Positive Test - What to do

Please ring school (01254 233171) and leave a message on the answering machine.  Tell us your child’s:

  • First and last name;
  • Their class;
  • Their date of birth;
  • Your postcode.

We need this so that we can contact everyone they have been in close contact with in the previous 48 hours to get them to self-isolate. 

Remember the main symptoms are – a new, continuous cough, a temperature, or loss of / a change in taste and smell.  If they develop one of these, please get them tested.